Here at Recovery International we specialize in utilizing our sources for the debt collection function of Bank loans in the least time possible. Depending on our highly skilled Debt Recovery Team has a wealth of experience in debt recovery work (bad debts recovery, Negotiations, Follow up, and pressuring the debtors and skip tracing in the least time possible challenging any other agency or corporate by reducing 25% of their time scheduled to recover debts).

We stand out among other agency with our skip tracing team having their skills and expertise throughout the region as well as their over the top private searching techniques, that is why they are always on call to follow up and locate the whereabouts of fleeing debtors inside Egypt and those who do not respond to communication or with missing phone numbers by direct field visits.

Tracing debtors is done through out Egypt, In upper Egypt and other provinces within 3 days only and in Alexandria it takes less than 24 hours that is why Field Visits are considered crucial and essential in the process of follow up and debt recovery for debtors inside Egypt.

As for fleeing debtors outside Egypt, Recovery International is well aware that abiding laws differ from one country to another and that the debtor who leaves the country might not be obliged to the Egyptian law.

In Those sort of cases, our international efficiency is manifested by debt collection through the debtors references given to us by our clients to confirm the presence of the debtor within the legal territory or not.

Clients have utterly the freedom to recover cases and documents in our possession if we did not fulfill our time schedule.

We certainly are goal oriented and will always have our eyes on maximizing debt recovery for our clients and increasing their profits will remain our primary concern.