Who we are?

Here in Recovery International We strive to provide the best service for debt collection and credit management and risk reduction.

Recovery International is backed by an over qualified executive team specialized in follow up and debt collection according to size and grades and management that seeks to continuously improve its overall service and to achieve the required goals in the best form and as soon as possible challenging any company or agency by 25% of the time.

The agency’s mission to manage debtors and evaders professionally to accomplish our client’s targets (banks and corporates) to a final settlement and deliver a service which is second to none.

Without any fees upfront, only the portion of the agreed upon commission due after the settlement which passes the opportunity to our clients to increase their profits both ways timely and costly.

We have proved time and again that our professional and persuasive methods are more successful to accomplish our clients’ targets due to the essential code of conduct signed by the team which will never be not be subjected to any unethical or illegal either by obtaining or accepting any form of in-kind gifts, this is all to have it the safe way for our clients. Recovery International is characterized by applying the latest confidential information and information security policies, standards.

Our office

What we do?

We offer Collection & Recovery Services


  • Banks Products (Personal loans, credit cards, car loans, home loans, overdrafts, corporate loans)
  • Commercial Claims for Companies
  • International Debt Recoveries
  • Business Information and Credit Reports
  • Bills Management Services for Companies
  • Local & International Litigation (upon request)

And we  do this by:

  • Telephone
  • Continuous Field visits
  • Demand letter mail
  • Fax and Short Messaging Service (SMS)
  • Personal Meeting
  • Full & Final Settlement
  • Litigation (upon request)

Why us?

Security and Confidentiality Recovery

Recovery International applies top of the line information Confidentiality standards and Information security policies through:

  • The information contained in the documents are considered confidential by the person concerned and can not be disclosed to anyone no matter what the relationship to the customer.
  •  The documents can not be copied In whole or in part and is not to disclose any of the information contained therein without the prior consent of the client.
  • The recipient can not trade documents with other institution (either directly or through an agent) without the prior consent of the client.
  • And it is prohibited to do any form of reproduction, publication, copying, disclosure, modification, and distribution and or publish documents

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